Why You Should Seal!

Wood – A precious gift from nature. When used for decking material or siding, it can provide you a beautiful look for a lifetime if you take care of it and keep it sealed with quality grade sealants. There is only one sealing product in the market today with a 50 yr. warranty that can be sprayed onto your wood, seal it with or without a pigment and allow your wood to breath and stay supple. It will prevent further cracking and can be touched up easily from sun damage (fading). The freeze-thaw cycle does not affect it because water can’t penetrate your permanently sealed wood. This product is known as SealRite – SR50. SealRite can also be put over the top of most conventional stains. If it can penetrate your stain, it will permanently seal your wood.

The image to the left is a hairline concrete crack magnified 50 times to show crystalling growth over a period of 30 days, causing or allowing concrete to repel water, harden, & densify.  Allowing your concrete to become one monolithic slab.

Concrete/Brick - Is most commonly used for garage floors, driveways, sidewalks and patios. (white or colored) It can also last a lifetime if it is permanently sealed with SealRite sealants. There is only one sealing product with a 50 yr. warranty that can seal your concrete today, and that is SealRite SRP50. When sprayed onto new or existing concrete it will permanently penetrate and cause a chemical reaction within the cement and begin growing crystals (as seen above), which will fill the cells and repel water, salts and Mag Chloride. SealRite SRP50 will also penetrate the entire thickness of your concrete and protect your rebar from rusting while neutralizing any and all salt and magnesium deposits.

A freeze-thaw cycles causes the concrete surface layers to rupture, chip and flake due to expansion of frozen water that then exposes softer even more absorbent layers. The presence of excess water erodes the natural salts and continues to deteriorate and break down the concrete surface and layers. This is known as Spalling. Salt melts and Mag Chloride also cause this same deterioration as they melt the frozen water above the surface and within. These chemicals are then absorbed into the porous cells of concrete. Salt and Magnesium also cause a chemical reaction with the Portlandite, forming magnesium-silicate-hydrate which breaks down the glue that binds the aggregates in your concrete, weakening its core strength.  All the more reason for sealing your concrete with SealRite - the right choice.
None Of This Is Possible If Your Concrete Is Sealed With SealRite SRP50 Sealant.

Efflorescence is caused by the evaporation of water leaving behind the natural salts and those salts recrystallizing on the surface. Absorbed water in concrete also dissolves calcium carbonate in the cement. When the water seeps out of joints, cracks and weepholes it leaves the calcium carbonate on the surface as the water evaporates, leaving deposits immune to conventional cleaning agents.

Again, None Of This Is Possible If Your Concrete Is Sealed With SealRite SRP50 Sealant.

Stucco, Cultured Stone, Rock, Travertine, Tile, & Grout also can be sealed with SealRite SRP50. Each of these sealing products will then repel water, salt and Mag Chloride preventing discolorization, efflorescence, and deterioration. Each come with SealRite Industries' 50 yr. warranty.

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